Monday, September 6, 2010

Pregnant Portrait Photography - Ali and belly and ...her shoes!!!! Sneak peek!

Here are my favorite of my favorites from Ali's prego shoot this weekend! They never thought they would love this tile on the floor...they do now!!! The shoes Ali is wearing are the shoes she wore on her wedding day, which I photographed last October. When I started setting up this shot...a shot I had never done before...I thought...hmmmm wouldn't this just complete the look if we added those funky, sexy blue wedding shoes???  I think I was right!

This was the original picture idea... more...

This is just too cute and funny and so REAL!!! This is a true prego tummy in all of it's glory!!! Bring back memories for anyone??? She is due in 6 weeks...can you tell?

I love this one because I have a shot JUST like this of her shoes and the bottom of her wedding dress all flipped up...when I blog them on my baby n bellies blog I will make sure to include the wedding one too...

This is my second favorite of ALL!!! Everything about it is took a few minutes to find the right angle...I think it is super sexy...the shoes just make this awesome!

I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek...more to come of the baby and bellies blog in the coming weeks! Look for the announcement of Facebook!

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  1. I am so jealous that her legs look that great, she's not swollen at all!! I hope to look that great when Im preggers!!!