Friday, September 24, 2010

Picture of the Day - Don't EVER throw away a "BAD" picture!!!! Professional Family Photography -

Here is a favorite from the mistake file...this in ANY other circumstance would be...well lets just say it....CRAP! I was testing the different flash diffusion bouncing and trying to take a portrait with a newer wider lens...well any ways enough with the excuses...because it is awesome!!!!

It took a few minutes of  looking at it to discover it's beauty for me anyways....but when my clients saw it they IMMEDIATELY loved it!!! Matter of fact it was actually the only picture that they actually said right in front of me...wear they would be hanging it! NEVER throw away a "BAD" picture!!! You just never know how you will respond to it in editing!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Formals on the Farm!!!! Professional Wedding Photography

I haven't been posting to this blog everyday as planned so I decided to post my favorites from the wedding I was just looking through and just HAD to stop and pick some out the this blog! These so far are my favorite of Shiana and Levi's wedding in Acampo. And yes these formals are all taken on Shiana's fathers property, where their reception was held. This first picture is one of my favorite favorites!!! I just love this wall...and yes it is dirty..but its the actual BARN WALL!!! Barns are NOT we found out for ourselves when we found all these beautiful places to photograph Shiana and Levi last week!!!

I adjusted the color of the wall a bit on this one...though I love the bold red color in the last one...I just loved this picture when I adjusted it...

Shiana's step brother was kind enough to take a few of these hay bails out into the field for us so we could do some pictures with the open feel of the farm...

Ok I got a little crazy here...but I kinda like these, they a very different from what I usually do, but I did a similar shot at a wedding when the bride was doing her make-up, and I recently did this same angle with a pregnant shoot and with good results so I just wanted to see what would happen if I stood on the hay bail myself OVER her and took the following shots..I am loving my new wide lens which is allowing me to get these weird angles!!!

Just pretty...

When I did Shiana and Levi's engagements I found that I loved Shiana's look off to nowhere look...

Love the colors in her bouquet...

And the real reason I choose to post this picture...because of the cow to the right of course!!! And to prove we REALLY where on a farm!

And here is Levi...the lighting in this barn was phenomenal!!!

I loved this angle..and the barn door perfectly matched Shiana's flowers!

Again...the light..beautiful..

This is one of faves...don't know just is!!!

And I always love to show off this angle of the flowers...

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into Shiana and Levi's wedding...let me know what you think below... thanks for visiting my Picture of the Day Blog!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Professional Maternity Photography - Ok it's KINDA a repeat!

Ok...I know...I know...I JUST posted a few pictures very similar to this on my last post...BUT..THIS one was my favorite of them all. I just needed my photo-shopper to fix something in the background that wasn't perfect because I love her belly in this one the best...AND LOOK WHAT SHE SENT BACK!!!! Shannon you are so know what I would like so well I didn't even have to ask and you knew I would LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Yeah for SHOES!!!! Especially FUNKY SEXY BLUE ONES!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pregnant Portrait Photography - Ali and belly and ...her shoes!!!! Sneak peek!

Here are my favorite of my favorites from Ali's prego shoot this weekend! They never thought they would love this tile on the floor...they do now!!! The shoes Ali is wearing are the shoes she wore on her wedding day, which I photographed last October. When I started setting up this shot...a shot I had never done before...I thought...hmmmm wouldn't this just complete the look if we added those funky, sexy blue wedding shoes???  I think I was right!

This was the original picture idea... more...

This is just too cute and funny and so REAL!!! This is a true prego tummy in all of it's glory!!! Bring back memories for anyone??? She is due in 6 weeks...can you tell?

I love this one because I have a shot JUST like this of her shoes and the bottom of her wedding dress all flipped up...when I blog them on my baby n bellies blog I will make sure to include the wedding one too...

This is my second favorite of ALL!!! Everything about it is took a few minutes to find the right angle...I think it is super sexy...the shoes just make this awesome!

I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek...more to come of the baby and bellies blog in the coming weeks! Look for the announcement of Facebook!