Friday, October 22, 2010

Sneak peek at LOren and VEronica- The LOVE couple! Professional Wedding Photography

Here is a sneak peek at Loren and Veronica's wedding. When I met them earlier this year they showed me a picture they did with their hands spelling out LOVE..then Loren told me that he had realized not too long before that the first initials of their names together became the theme of their wedding..too cute! We will start this blog of course with what other then the dress and the pink shoes!

Veronica is just too cute too!

I love these pictures of Veronica and her mom Connie. Connie and I texted so much the past few  months...just love them both!

I made sure I included a couple of pictures of the veil that Veronica made herself...

Ok this was too funny! We were only going a few blocks away to the spot where Veronica and Loren had plan to see each other before the wedding for the first time..this just seemed easier to travel in a wedding dress!

Here are a few pictures in sequence of Loren and Veronica's first meeting and seeing each other in her wedding dress...

We had already taken a few pictures of the couple before Loren noticed Veronica's cute pink shoes! He said, "I am surprised because I didn't know she was wearing pink shoes, but I am not surprised!"

Here is the LOVE couple!!!

Just loved this one...

Here is the lovely Veronica ...

She really got into are a few of Veronica's expressions...just being herself...

Love this one too..

Here again is my "new" signature shot from above...

Ok this one was funny! She was little too short to peek over his shoulder so I said "Hey do you remember The Sound of Music? Where the kids pop out and say coo-koo? Do that!" Well she did..and of course I didn't care about the first picture when she said coo-koo...I was looking for the expression RIGHT after it..and here you go! As I always say, it's not what you do when I tell you to do's your reaction to the silly thing I tell you to do that I am looking for!

Another of my signature shots...

And here are the girls...and yes...I was laying on the ground...

Loved this church! Loren and Veronica's wedding was steeped in tradition...reminded me of weddings in the church I grew up in...just beautiful! (Take note of the LOVE)

A couple other signature shots of mine...

Here is Veronica getting her dressed busseled...

Just a moment of joy captured before the just married couple went to join their guests for the reception...

Ok this was a good way to end the day...Veronica took off her dress..just like this and said, "Joy, your going to want to see this!" She was right!

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of the LOVE couple!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sneak peek!!! Imelda and James's Wedding!!! Professional Wedding Photographer - Sacramento Wedding Photographer

On this blog I like to post what I am currently working on. Sometimes the pics are in mid-production, if you will. Meaning they have been photo-shopped very little. While separating files for my photo shopper, I just had to work with a few myself and post them here.

 This is a sneak peek of Imelda and James wedding day! The site at Del Web in Roseville was beautiful! These first two pictures were taken just steps away from where they were married minutes earlier...I love what I captured here and it is in essence what I love about my job. Capturing every little moment as it is happening. I do not know what James was saying to her but it was perfect!

This location was just off the golf course. Loved the lighting here, it was perfect!

As a professional wedding photographer, I am always looking for a type of photograph that stands out in style. So when people see it in a magazine or online, they know it's mine, without seeing my name. As you will notice throughout all of my blogs, that I use a style that is the same, BUT everyone looks very unique in theirs. Not any one photograph is the same! These are some of my favorite!!! I have been doing a lot of over-the-head shots since I got my new lens! I love it! I think this type of shot will be my newest signature shot!!!

I love letting the bride and groom kick back a little...always looking for a bench or a chair to bring out something special. If you have something for them to sit on the rest is just capturing how they interact together...MAGIC!!!

Love this rock...but what I love most about this first picture is the way her dress looks..just laying there! I actually don't like "fixing" the dress in every shot...then it wouldn't be as real.

A few of Imelda by herself on this great bench! Again, love how the dress is just laying there!

OK here are my favorite! favorite favorite! I have done running pictures on golf courses before (often actually) BUT I LOVE this first look of ready set go! I love the way Imelda is holding her dress and I love what James brought to it! All I told them is "Ok, start there... and run! And this is what you get!!!!

These next two...not posed...taken right after they were getting off the golf Cinderella!

Because I was so far away when I took the first two...just to make sure I asked them to SLLLLOOOOWWW down, but not stop, so I could make SURE I got this shot perfectly! I always tell my brides, I will never ask you to do something again, outside of a kiss maybe. I just may ask you to do it a little slower! It's all about getting it in the moment! Pointless to re-create ANYTHING!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of James and Imelda's wedding. Let me know what you think below and become a follower of my blog!